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My goal for every resource.

1. Used personally by me. I don't share anything I haven't implemented in my own classroom. These are products I created with my own students, and lessons, in mind. 

2. User friendly and customizable for you. Not every aspect can be edited, but I try to make them adjustable to fit your specific lesson needs. 
3. Aligned to Common Core Standards (what my state uses). Lessons can be both rigorous and engaging. I align every lesson to a learning goal and standard. 

Best Selling Resources
"Have I mocked vision boards in my personal life. Yes. Yes, I have. Did I look at this resource with a healthy bit of skepticism? Yes, I did. But when you're trying to get students interested in a research paper, this little gem works just dandy."

-Amy P.
virtual stations bundle for online teaching
"I am quite literally in love with this resource. Best TPT purchase EVER. I've used it with groups and plan on individually as well."
-Samantha R.
"The questions in this book were great prompts to help students engage in conversations online reminiscing about elementary school and getting comfortable online (yet again!)."

-Diane S.
"My students loved this resource!"

-Angie W.
"THANK YOU THANK You!! Not only is this an engaging resource that students have fun with, they are working on extremely important skills at the same time. Wonderful!!"

-Ashley L
dear teacher introdcution letter for remote learning
"One of the best back to school activities I have ever done! So excited to use it again next year. This helped me assess my students' writing but mainly helped me get to know and understand them. They took it very seriously!"

-Molly M