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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Happy December! In some ways, it feels like this year has lasted forever and in another sense, it feels like it has flown by. I wanted to do a winter resource roundup of a variety of resources I have created this year. I even have a freebie for you at the very end of this blog post. ;) If you're scrambling for a last-minute lesson or activity, I've got you covered. Click the link at the bottom of the page to download a "Digital Winter Notebook."


Here are some of my latest wintery resources available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

First up are the Google Classroom headers, winter-themed. CLICK HERE for the product link. These are an easy way to spruce up your Google Classroom and be festive. This resource has 17 different styles for you to choose from. There are even some headers you could probably keep up all winter long. Phrases include: It's the most wonderful time of the year, don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggin, winter is here, and happy holidays.

Personally, I am using a "cotton-headed ninny" for one class and the winter graphics header for another class. I also am using the next resource, to keep everything cohesive and "on brand" haha in the online teaching world. It's so disappointing to be unable to do our usual traditions, such as a schoolwide meal and my gingerbread house building competition. So I hope these can add some cheer to an extremely challenging year.

Up next are these winter-themed agenda slides! CLICK HERE for a link to this resource. You'll notice the graphics match the Google Classroom headers. I wanted them to all go together and kind of match. Keep your lessons organized, focused, all in one place, and add a dash of fun! These winter agenda slides are the perfect way to spruce up your lesson plans.

Here's what you get:

  • 20 slides

  • Four different options to pick from (see individual photos for a better understanding)

  • Editable text boxes to add your own lesson materials

  • You may delete any of the clipart

How do agenda slides work?

  • Copy and paste the days of the week as you need them

  • Add your own text/lesson to the text

  • Keep your lessons organized and festive

These are intended to be used as a seasonal resource. However, they are in no way associated with any holiday or religion. I wanted to keep this neutral for your diverse classroom.

I bundled those two resources if you're looking for a slightly cheaper way to grab both products. :) CLICK HERE for a link to this bundle.

CLICK HERE to view this resource. Use this classic winter poem to have students practice a variety of skills. I have always loved this poem; it's one of my personal favorites. I remember loving it as a student, and I still enjoy it now.

About this resource:

  • The text is completely editable/customizable (apart from the slide titles). You can make any adjustments to this as you need to.

  • This was intended to be used as a one day lesson and an independent assignment. However, you could adapt this and make it longer. For example, the last slide could be turned into a completely separate assignment. You could make students write an entirely different poem while matching Frost’s writing style.

  • Student tasks include: rhyme scheme, learn about the author, identify imagery, and create an alternate setting.

These sweater stations are my absolute favorite resource! CLICK HERE for a link to this resource. I am a major winter lover and had so much fun making this one.

Allow your students to complete stations with this interactive format. You could use these for any content area and any activity. For example, maybe you want them to write a story. Students can click through the stations and complete the task you provided for them. Other ideas include using these for a web quest, text analysis, vocabulary practice, etc.

Each sweater is clickable, which means in “present mode” students can click on the sweater to head to that station. Students can also click the number beside the sweater to visit that station. The words “main menu” and “next station” are also interactive.

  • 12 total stations

  • Editable/customizable text (apart from station titles)

  • Music plays automatically in present mode on slide one (can be deleted)

These "Winter Reflection Questions" were created as a way to learn more about my students' thoughts, and feelings, about winter and their individual cultures. CLICK HERE for a link to this resource.

Here is what the very first slide says for students to read.

"For some, you may celebrate a holiday soon and others of you may not. Some of you may have wonderful memories of this season while growing up and others may not. I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable or make you stir up painful memories. I truly hope this activity can help me get to know you better. There is space for all of us to feel how we do without any judgment. Please share as much as you feel comfortable with. ☺"

Here's a little more about this resource.

  • There are seven total tasks/stations.

  • The text is editable (apart from the titles and stations). You can adjust the directions to fit the needs of your students.

  • The buttons are interactive. You must click “present” for the stations to be clickable. Students can type directly on the stations.

  • These are not intended to be connected to any holiday/religion. I did my best to make these completely inclusive. Feel free to make any necessary adjustments you find necessary.

Now for your freebie! This resource comes from two resources I created a while ago. I have a Digital Poetry Notebook and a Digital Short Story Notebook (also in a bundle at a discounted price) that I used as inspiration for this free download.

Click the link below to download the "Digital Winter Notebook." There are downloading directions in the pdf file for you.

Digital Winter Notebook
Download PDF • 1.87MB

Wishing you a wonderful December! I hope your school days go quickly and you find some time to rest this break. As always, message me with any questions about any of my resources.

With love and lots of coffee,


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