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Updated: Jul 14

I interrupt your regularly scheduled "teacher program" to bring you another type of goodie. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite "go-to" activities for winter. Living in the midwest, one must get creative to combat any cases of the winter blues. I personally love LOVE winter, however, I recognize that is not the case for many people. I hit a point, like if it's snowing in April, where I am over it. But my love far outweighs any dislike I have for it. Snow makes me happy, and I'm one of those weird people who like to drive in it. I feel like Santa freaking Claus, people. Don't come at me, ok!

Below you will find a graphic I created of some of my favorite winter activities, or ones I think would be exciting. I provided a more in-depth look at each of these images.

1. Read all the books

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on reading you've been wanting to do. I added an image of a favorite I read this past year. It would be perfect for the winter because you can read about a cozy place while experiencing beautiful writing and a captivating story.

2. Go ice skating

This might seem wild, but I have never been ice skating *gasp*. When I was younger, I broke my wrist rollerblading. I wanted to be a professional rollerblader. 90s baby here, so rollerblading was the jam for all those birthday/school trips. I think the broken wrist attributes to my lack of desire to go ice skating. However, if this is something you would enjoy, I say go for it. :)

3. Pinterest crafting

Ok, who has tons of items pinned but has never accomplished them? Me. I enjoy taking up new hobbies or trying my hand at a new craft during the winter. There's something extra cozy about working with your hands during the winter. Head over to your Pinterest boards and find something to tackle. You could even have a party with a friend to make some goodies.

4. Play board games

Another wonderful opportunity to have friends, or family, over is to have a game night. I love a good game night in the winter. The game featured is Catan. Some of my favorite games include Yahtzee, Dutch Blitz, Code Names, Euchre, Spoons, Catchphrase, Scattegories, Tenzi, Mafia, Apples to Apples, and Pictionary. My Mom's family is really into any type of board game and some of them are serious competitors. I cannot remember not having games at any family reunion. We have had a Euchre tournament the past several years and it is too serious for me, but I love the standing traditions. Whether you are competitive or not, you can still enjoy a game with the right group of people.

5. Go for a movie night or have one at home

Movies are a fallback of mine for the winter. I don't watch a lot of movies in ever. I don't remember the last movie I went and saw. But it's a great way to pass the time in the winter.

6. Make a custom candle There are little shops popping up all over the place to make your own candle. What a better time, than in the winter, to make a cozy candle. I'm sure there are also DIY candles out there too. I remember making one when I was younger and it didn't seem too complicated if you want to be fancy and make your own.

7. Gather around a fire or fireplace

Even if you don't have a real fireplace, the joy of watching one on the TV can really make me feel warm. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is so real. The ambiance of the fire is soothing and calming. I love putting these on during school too, and the students do as well. If you live somewhere warm enough, it would be fun to host a bonfire with friends or family.

8. Host an appetizer night

Who doesn't love a charcuterie board? Ok, probably someone out there. ;) I love making a bunch of appetizers and snacking away. This would be a perfect pairing with a game night. Invite people over to bring an appetizer and enjoy conversation with one another over snacks. Winter is a snacking season, in my opinion.

9. Write letters or journal

There is something about winter that makes me want to sit under a pile of blankets, or snuggle in my bed, and write. Maybe the English nerd is coming out in me, but I cannot help myself. During winter, I enjoy writing letters to people (especially Christmas cards) to say hello. I also enjoy catching up on personal writing, whether that be blogging or journaling. I don't journal like I used to, but I still enjoy it. I have a travel journal that I like to get caught up on during the winter. I have a running list of places I have visited, what I did there, and who I went with. It's fun to reflect back on adventures and memories through writing.

10. Bake cookies

Give me a more perfect winter activity than baking cookies...I'll wait. Yeah, you can't think of one either. ;) I love to bake something tasty. Whether it's cookies, brownies, cake, muffins, etc. Baking warms my house and my heart. Plus, baking usually means sharing my creations with someone else. Bake a plate of cookies for a neighbor, loved one, friend, or coworkers.

I hope you find this list helpful for your winter, whether you live in a cold climate or not. Wishing you a wonderful winter with many beautiful memories. And not a lovely quote about winter that warms my soul every time I read it.

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for talk beside the fire: it is the time for home." --Edith Sitwell
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