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Updated: Jul 14

Hello, friends! I've been thinking about what I wanted to say to everyone, during this strange time. I have another blog post completed, and ready to go, all about my thoughts on becoming a virtual teacher overnight. But before I share that, I wanted to first do something else. I want to share some affirmations for you.

I don't know your circumstances, and I might not even know you at all. But I do not doubt that you are doing your absolute best through all of this. So here are some affirmations from me to you.

1. You can do this.

I know it's been a weird time full of various feelings, thoughts, and emotions. But you can get through this because you're tough.

2. You are strong.

We all have to dig deep for strength at times, but I know you are strong...maybe stronger than you realize or acknowledge.

3. You are capable of overcoming this.

I don't know when this will be over, and I cannot say anything about the future, but we will overcome this.

4. You are not alone.

This can all feel isolating. I am saddened to think of all the people who are walking this journey alone. Here me when I say this, you aren't alone. It might feel like it, but you're not.

5. You are amazing at what you do.

I believe now more than ever it is easy to fall into a comparison game. I should be doing *fill in the blank* better. Do not compare your journey to anyone. You are doing an amazing job.

6. You are loved.

We are currently sometimes unable to physically see loved ones, which is extremely difficult. But don't let that keep you from feeling loved. Your friends and family do love you, even if they aren't able to see you in person.

7. You are beautiful.

I see all of these women posting about how their new outfit features a hoodie and sweats or pajamas all day. I feel this! But don't let a change in your typical wardrobe discourage you or make you feel less beautiful.

8. You are creative.

I know for a fact you have had to be creative in one (probably more than one) aspect of your life. Whether it's a new routine you made or a new recipe you tried your creative side is coming out. I would even argue you might be the most creative you have been in a while.

9. You are unique.

Thank goodness we aren't all alike, especially right now. We need everyone's unique design right now to make the world go round. You are one of a kind. Your gifts don't go unnoticed.

10. You are kind.

The overwhelming amount of kindness I have witnessed from this pandemic has been beautiful. Everyone has kindness somewhere inside of them. Thank you to all of you kind people who have shown kindness to a stranger, friend, family member, etc. You're making our world a better place.

I could keep going, but I think I'll end the list there. I do want to encourage you in a few other ways that have helped my mindset/perspective through all of this.

-Write down your affirmations somewhere you can see them. Maybe you could put it on the bathroom mirror or on your computer. Make sure you can view them often.

-Take time to process what you're feeling. We can experience all the emotions on any given day, but our feelings are definitely heightened. Don't be afraid to journal or talk to someone you trust.

-Consider reaching out for help. It's hard to ask for help sometimes, but we all need help. We can't do this life alone and we weren't meant to. It's ok to say you need someone to assist you.

-Limit social media, if it's bringing you down. Comparison can be a major thief of joy. If you find yourself having a major mental spiral on social media, log-off, delete the app, have a friend change your passwords, or whatever you need to do. Don't let social media beat you down.

-Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation to do so. I once heard someone say, you will never regret a workout which I have found to be true. Never once have I ended a workout and felt worse. I might be sore the next day, but it always makes me feel better/accomplished.

-Create the structure in your day that you need. This will obviously look different for every person, but usually, structure helps us all feel "normal." I have found myself sliding into a dark hole of laying in bed scrolling on Tik Tok, yes I have a problem. ;) Try to create routines that will help make the days less blurry for you.

-Think of one thing you can look forward to when tomorrow comes. I like to have a little dangling carrot for the next day that will help motivate me. My Mom and I have been adventuring to different, local greenhouses for "plant therapy" once a week. I look forward to these each day. I also will "bribe" myself with a little reward here and there to do something. Maybe it's a snack, screentime, or reading...whatever I need to do to help me look forward to the next day.

If no one has told you recently, you're crushing it! This is not easy and it shouldn't feel easy. I hope this list of affirmations can help you begin to use positive talk in your daily life. You're a warrior, and you're going to win this fight. I believe in you, so you should believe in yourself too!


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