End of Day Routines

Updated: Jul 14

Usually, the end of the day is when I've hit my limits and my energy is low. But I still have a few final routines for my final minutes at work. These quick habits are easy to implement and will save you time in the upcoming days. So here are a few quick tricks for a quality end-of-day routine.

1. I have all my papers printed and laid out for the entire week.

I always make sure to do this on Friday for the following week. There is nothing worse than scrambling to make copies in the morning. I would rather take extra time on Friday, or Thursday, to make all my copies.

2. Write the weekly agenda on the board.

These can be quick, bullet-point things. E.g. Grammar WS 1 due and quiz. I always do this on Friday too, and it saves me from when Monday rolls around.

3. Wipe off/clean every table.

I do this every single day. Usually, I'll pay a student with tickets to do this during our last period. But sometimes, I'll just do it myself. Germs are the worst, and I like the tables to be fresh every day.

4. Never leave a messy desk.

I always make sure my desk is clean for the following day. I cannot function under piles. I won't go home until my area is entirely clean and fresh feeling.

5. Leave around the same time.

No one in our school usually stays very late. We all get out of there pretty quickly. I love this about our school. Our job is exhausting enough, without being there for hours longer. I make sure to call it a day around the exact same time. Get out of there. I'm giving you the freedom to leave ASAP. Haha. We work enough on the weekends, without staying late into the evening.

6. If I have things to do the next morning, put them on a list.

I usually put the list on my computer, so it's the first thing I see in the morning. Having a brain dump is a super effective way to clear my mind, especially at the end of the day. The list makes my mind clear and allows me to leave it at work, rather than taking it home with me.

7. Leave the room uncluttered and clean.

I'll gather any trash, random items, lose papers, pencils, etc. and make sure it all looks tidy. I cannot leave my room a mess. It makes me feel overwhelmed when I come to work the next day.

8. Put back all the computers.

Our ELA team shares computers. I always pay a student, in tickets, to put computers back in the computer cart. This one might seem silly, but sometimes I was forgetful and the batteries would be dead the next day. I always make sure to have them put away, and fully charged, for the following day.

9. Clean any coffee cups sitting on my desk.

I almost always drink coffee, in some sort of mug, in the morning. I have dishwasher soap at school, so I can have my cup clean and ready for the next day. To be honest, sometimes I just rinse it out and then use soap after a week. ;)

10. Get the diffuser water ready for the next day.

I love having a diffuser in my room. I will fill it up for the previous day, so I can quickly turn it on in the morning. Sometimes it's the little things in life.

11. Check the calendar for any meetings for the next day/week.

There's nothing worse than forgetting about an upcoming meeting. Sometimes with a busy schedule, it is easy to miss a meeting.

There are a few of my end-of-day routines I stick to. I've found these to help set my next day/week up for success (or at least make me feel more at peace). I hope this list helps you create routines of your own, as the school day wraps up.


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